About me

Hi everyone, my name is JESSECA M SMITH

How did I get started?

My experience in skincare dates back to 1992, when I worked as a cosmetics consultant and makeup artist for a major beauty retailer then later freelanced. After that, I had the opportunity to work with a cosmetic chemist and co-create products for a natural beauty product line that sold in over 3,000 stores nationwide such as Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Anthropologie. My goals gradually shifted from strictly wholesaling products to opening a Day Spa & Boutique — a concept that came to fruition in Dallas, Texas called Avocado Tree, eventually called Apothecurious Fresh Spa & Boutique.


Approached by many large box stores to buy out our concept, we eventually sold the business in 2008. Since then, I've had addition- al experience as a Body Care Manufacturer and Spa & Boutique Owner before eventually becoming an NIC board Licensed Esthetician. Operating first in Dallas and later in Seattle, called Fresh Face Seattle. My spas were repeatedly written up by
 the press* in glowing reviews and even voted “Best Facial in Town.” It was an amazing experience. During this time, I discovered my love for mentoring and apprenticing budding Estheticians. Through this process and the culmination of my years in this business, I've grown to understand the importance of possessing a strong knowledge of ingredients, including their imperative fresh-ness and effectiveness on our skin.

Now I bring my years of experience and love for the business to one guest at a time and students in a classroom setting and finally, by sharing my knowledge and education with you.




Author: Esthetician Resource Guide Book editions 2019-2021; Esthetician Resource Guide APP available on IOS and ANDROID.


What eles? Originally from Washington state, I call Texas my home as I have lived here many times throughout the years. I paint! I'm currently involved in the Wimberley Valley Art league. I also have three rescue dogs (I call myself a collector), and two black cats! I am also a step mom to three and a birth mom to one, a wife, an aunt and friend to many who call me "Jesse."  I look forward to having you as my guest and getting you know you.




Ogle Hair Skin Nails, Dallas, TX -Esthetician, Certificate 2004 

Fosbré Academy, Olympia, WA -Master Esthetics Student Educator 2019

Total Transformations, San Marcos TX -Master Esthetics Instructor, Certificate 2021 

Esthetics Continuing Education Provider, the State of Texas 2021 

Permanent Cosmetics/Tattoo Artist, TX 

Other Education:

Reiki Level I, II, III, Master 2001-2002

Pet Hygeinist Certificate 2016


*Published: Seattle Magazine 2009; Seattle Magazine 2008; NW Source 2008; American Spa 2008; Lucky Magazine consecutive months 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006; Texas Monthly 2005; Dallas Observer 2004, 2006; Paper City 2003-06; VAIN 2006; Modern Luxury 2005; The Olympian 200; Wimberley View 2014; Hays County Press 2015; The Society Diaries 2016; San Antonio Woman February 2016; San Antonio Woman November/ December issue 16; SKIN INC June 2021


"We only make it if we all do"
Jesseca M Smith

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Here are some stories

by industry leaders. . .

more stories in the book,
Esthetician Resource Guide
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Meet Tina Cardenas


My name is Tina Cardenas 

I am 47 years old I am a licensed esthetician, licensed manicurist and have been a Registered Dental Assistant for 28 years.  I was the Supervising Registered Dental assistant for the Department of Corrections for 18 years until I medically retired.  Now I teach aesthetics to amazing women at my Alma mater; CV Beauty College in La Quinta, California.  I also get to fulfill my life’s purpose and help women and men look their best.  I believe in energetic aesthetics; utilizing the life force energy and love and light in all I do!  My favorite facial is the hydrafacial and my favorite waxing is Brazilians.  I utilized Jesseca’s book when I was opening up my salon suite!  I loved it so much I use it in my classroom.  You will find us making masks straight out of her book!!!  I am also a Nana to two amazing boys and the mother of three beautiful adults!


I would encourage someone starting out in esthetics to find a mentor.  Someone who is willing to help them grow and learn.  I would encourage them to keep going even when times get tough!  I opened my business in Feb 2020!  If I can succeed in a pandemic at 46 years old; anyone can succeed.


Meet Shane Lowe

Lead Educator/Recruiting Specialist 

Working Knowledge

As a cosmetologist my career began in 2006. I graduated high school and went straight into the first class available to me at my local cosmetology school. Once I was in, I knew that I was in the right place. I went through my fair share of struggles, and had even contemplated quitting, multiple times, but even through all of that I always felt I was doing what I was meant to do. 

After graduating I went to work for a local salon for a short time and then decided to move myself from my hometown in Central California, down to Southern California. I worked for Ulta & Regis while living down there, and I learned so much. I owe most of my knowledge to the wonderful manager I had when I worked for Regis, she truly went above and beyond for me. Living and working in L.A. taught me to hustle to get what I wanted, and to always keep an eye out for anything I could learn from. 

Once I decided to move back home, I worked for another local salon until I got the opportunity of a lifetime. I started pursuing a job at a new cosmetology school in town. After many months of interviewing and following up, the job was mine. I taught with that school for 7 years, 2 of which I was the Dean of Education. It even took me from my small hometown in California to San Antonio Texas, where I currently call home. Saying that I learned a lot from that portion of my career is an understatement. I cannot begin to quantify the number of valuable lessons I learned but I can say I am a better person in my career, and in my personal life because of it. 

I now manage 8 salons in 7 different cities here in Texas. I also have my own education and job placement business called Working Knowledge that I run with my wonderful wife. We have taken a simple idea and turned it into a reality. We hope to continue to grow and share it with everyone who will benefit from our combined knowledge. The reason it has been possible to do this, and have confidence that it will be successful, is due to our many years in customer service and the lives we have had leading up to deciding to pursue this dream. We took every opportunity to learn from each obstacle that came our way.

My advice to all the young and or “up and coming” professionals out there, is get yourself a mentor, someone in the industry willing to share with you all that they have learned. That type of education on top of your continuing education you do already will be vital to you and your growth. Next, never stop learning, especially when you think you know it all. If you find yourself at a point in your career that you feel you know all there is to know, that is the day you should retire. We NEVER stop learning. Lastly, be patient. Building clientele and perfecting what you do takes time. Dedicate yourself to building your personal brand and learning your craft, you will build and perfect over time. 


Good luck to all my fellow Creatives out there!


-Shane Lowe

Meet Jill Zimmer.


My name is Jill Zimmer and I am passionate about health, wellness and living a best life.  I have the privilege to be on the leadership team for Wyndmere Naturals which supports my passion for enhancing people’s lives in so many ways. I feel fortunate to be a part of an established heirloom company specializing in pure essential oils and clean lifestyle products that add to mental, physical and soulful wellbeing.  


How did I get here?  It certainly has been a circuitous path of trying to satisfy the ongoing battle of left brain and right brain, having equal division of creativity and analytical thinking. My life’s path included having an art studio in Minneapolis, being a business analyst for grocery products to military bases around the world and a mixed bag of other positions.  


While I questioned whether or not I paved the right path many times, I knew that I would realize something that would bring it all together.  So here I am, happy as a clam at Wyndmere being able to utilize my experience, passions and both brains! Phew, finally!  Finding your passion and being true to it will pay off in the long run.  For me the run was pretty long but thankful I am HERE!


My interest in wellness started back in 2003 after having a conversation with a friend who shared her experience with natural products and how it affected her life.  Being a bit of a skeptic and growing up with only the mindset of western medicine, I was hesitant and thought it was a “bunch of hooey”.  But I started reading more about it, making changes to our household with what goes ON and INTO our bodies.  I had a few “aha” light bulb moments that sealed the deal on embracing this lifestyle.  Essential oils quickly became a staple in my day-to-day life for me and my family. 


Fast forward a few years and a mutual friend connected me Cyndi Trachy (owner of Wyndmere Naturals).  Cyndi and I met, discovered she actually had bought one of my original paintings at my art studio and as things unfolded I became a part of the Wyndmere family.  What a thrill to be a part of a company that is congruent with my passion for health and wellness.  My right and left brains are each engaged in harmony, I refer to my days as “going to play” instead of “going to work” and I am thrilled to keep learning more.


As a company we have been successful with planting seeds in many diverse “gardens” that span pharmacies, hospitals, metaphysical locations, gift stores, dentist offices, spas and salons. During my years here, I have had the pleasure of formulating blends for our recipe cards, creating educational materials, building customer relationships and developing sales strategies.  


I encourage you to seek vendor partnerships that you can trust and have quality that you have confidence in.  Creating a foundation in your spa/salon services, retail products or your own private label line, is key in creating solid business practices. Take time to vet out who you want to be in partnership with to help pursue your own passions.  Finding partners who support your vision is worth the effort!    


Keep your passion in focus and your path will unfold as it should.  Road construction is a fact of life, but expect it and you will navigate it successfully!  Enjoy the ride and success will be your reward!